Our Story


The Cotton Store Rugs & Mats, evolved from our passion for natural products.

Having moved on from a background of design and manufacture of solid wooden furniture and interior design, we decided to follow our love for the natural honesty of hand-loomed Indian Cottons, so The Cotton Store began. We believed the cottons should be made readily available as they are unique by nature, affordable and very easy to decorate with.

In due course we added the natural floor rugs and mats we sell now. They were a natural addition to our product range. After 30 years of selling both of these products, plus many others, our friend Annette Henry has taken on the Indian cottons, selling them from her shop The Measure and we continue selling our floor rugs and mats directly here online. We can’t bear the thought of not still being involved with these wonderful products and sharing them with you.

Please get in touch if you need help with size or style or anything. 

Susie & Johnny.


Johnny & Susie Toogood