Hello to our Good Mats range!

Good Mats is the name we've given to our own Natural Rugs & Mats range that sits under our Cotton Store brand.
Nothing has changed. They are still the same great hand-woven, quality rugs and mats that every home should have.

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The Cotton Store Rugs and Mats. Natural hand-woven, quality floor rugs and mats, that every home should have.

Sustainable. Biodegradable. Timeless.

Keep the mud at the door!

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Please note:

Most of our natural floor rugs and mats are traditionally hand-woven in India in the manner carried out for centuries. As such they will often show inconsistencies in weave, texture, colour, etc. These are in the very nature, charm and character of the product and should not be seen as faults. Please be satisfied that these products match your requirements before purchasing. Thank you.